The tea ceremony is held in a tea house built within the garden. In fact, such a tea house or a mere gazebo becomes another key element or prop in this peaceful place. japanese garden design The essential points every person should consider how to design a Japanese garden are the philosophy behind the garden itself and the key elements that define the Japanese garden from others with different styles. Conclusively, you should never neglected these two essential points since they are the unique backgrounds that makes Japanese gardens so special, unique and different from other garden design available in the world.As you may be aware, there are several types of Japanese garden and a certain amount of traditional hard and fast rules BUT there is absolutely nothing wrong with merging a couple of different types of Japanese garden into one area. Japanese garden snobs may frown upon it, but don’t let it cloud your desires or vision. There is NOTHING wrong with this at all.Perhaps, the best way forward if you are interested or about to start designing Japanese gardens is to visit a good example near where you live OR have a good rummage around on the internet for photographs of gardens that catch the eye and are great examples of this form of ‘garden art’. japanese garden design The Japanese garden in Portland Oregon in the United states is a good place to start. They have a very good web presence and a friendly guys into the bargain!There are many styles to choose from when planning and designing Japanese gardens. You may want water- i.e. a central pond, bridges, rocks, a relaxation or viewing area, dry water…the list is endless. A first thing to do would be to identify exactly how much space you will have for your Japanese or Zen garden. Designing Japanese gardens always seems easier and less stressful when you can plan your design on paper before actually preparing your space and deciding on the ‘ingredients’Average sized yards or gardens are ideal for a Japanese garden. For designing Japanese gardens you have numerous choices with many historical and design facets. japanese garden design These are easy to grasp and simple to execute but you must acquire knowledge first! There are for example 5 types of Japanese gardens and depending on which type you prefer will dictate it’s location and make up. You may be keen on copying a landscape-this is very common in Japanese garden design Or you may wish to go a more ‘spiritual’ route with a miniature Tea House, a bridge and a stone wash basin. That’s the great this about designing Japanese gardens, the choice is yours based on your knowledge and appreciation of what you have seen and imagines.